“Good Business . . . Bad Business”

Excerpts from the soon to be released book, “Good Business . . Bad Business” by Robert Singer and Rick Segel.

Good Business — Being liked by everyone
Bad Business — Being liked by everyone

Everyone loves to be popular and loved by everyone BUT that’s just not realistic. Sometimes supervisors try so hard to be liked they lose track of the company’s standards and goals. Face it some people aren’t going to like us and we are going to have to deal with what we refer to as a chemical imbalance. However, disagreeing with employees is NOT a bad thing and can actually force us to examine different ways of doing things.

Through disagreement and different opinions or perspectives can create great results. But never forget that you are the boss and your decision is the final word.

Having said that, being liked is the spoon full of sugar that makes the difficult decisions easier to swallow. So being liked is not a bad thing and should always be cognizant of but not consumed by.

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